Legit Sneaker Websites

Here a a few legit sneaker sites from SneakerShoeBox.com. Head over there to see more details on each. As more sites come up, I will update this post accordingly.

Air Knight



City Sole


Finish Line

Flight Club

Foot Action


Foot Locker

In Style Shoes


Karma Loop








Packer Shoes

Pick Your Shoes

SB Junkie

Shelf Life

Shoe Purgatory

Sneaker Crew

Sneaker Father

Sneaker Hotline

Sneaker Politics

Sneaker Spy

Sneaker Yeti

Sole Awesome

Sole Elite

Sole Land

Step by Step

The Heat Check

The Sneaker Authority

Trusted Kicks


VIP Goods

Windy City Sole


12 responses to “Legit Sneaker Websites

  1. Miggie ⋅

    Is bred-11.com a legit website? It seems pretty real.

  2. christian

    I just found this site can u tell me asap plz if there jordan’s are real??? If so im gonna order My bred 11s asap…get back to me as fast as u can thank u….kicksole.com

    • Kicksole ran into some problems with PayPal during the Bred 11 release and before. I talked to the guy and he said that people were reporting him to PayPal for not shipping out the Breds fast enough and PayPal then froze his account until he could provide proof from Nike that he was an authorized dealer. That was the end of December and I havent heard anything since then. They have been questioned of having “high quality fakes” and/or B-Grades but other trusted people say that they have authentics but it just takes forever to ship. I cant give a 100% answer because I havent received an actual product from them to inspect. I suggest that you do some research and make a decision from that. I hope this helps.

  3. hey man . is solewings.com ….kickslab ?? horrible rep online , but cant find anyone to tell me sup ?

  4. heavnlysoldier ⋅

    Has anyone purchased from Kicks-crew? They have some 9s I want but im iffy since they are based in China. If anyone has feedback about them please let me know.

  5. Dee ⋅

    Is id4shoes on ebay legit? They are based in Taiwan and saw some adidas zx750 on there I want. Just not sure if they are selling fakes.

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