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REAL vs. FAKE – Guide to spot fakes using Air Jordan 11

Whats good people. Here is a small guide of sorts to help you spot fake Air Jordan 11s. I will show you some evident pics and give you info on websites. Ok. Let’s Begin!!!

We will be using the 2009 Space Jam(fake) and the 2011 Concord(real)

This first picture shows an obvious indication of the fake on the right. The “Jumpman Jordan” tongue tab is out of position. The real 11s tab is ALWAYS in the 3rd lace gap counting up from the toe. There is NO EXCEPTION to this. If the tab is in the 4th space, it is FAKE!!!!!

Here is the second pic, the bottom of the shoe. The Space Jam(fake) at the top and the Concord(real) at the bottom. First, notice the 3 circular foot pods. Now notice where the Jumpman logo is placed. Look how far away the top logo is from the bottom. Second, look at the carbon fiber plate underneath the Jumpman logo. They should be the same color. The Space Jam and Concords are supposed to have the black carbon fiber shank plate. The one on top is also plastic and notice the lack of a curved shape. Carbon fiber stretches but immediately returns to its natural position.

Our 3rd piece of evidence is the back of the shoe. First, notice the”23″ on the heel tab. On the Space Jam(fake), notice how it is stretched out and seems to be peeling. On the Concord(real), notice the “23” is more legible and centered with perfect alignment. Another thing to notice is the outsole at the bottom of the shoe. The Concord’s outsole comes to a point in the middle of the shoe and the Space Jam does not. Also, notice how the Space Jam is slightly shorter at the top of the shoe. FAKE!!! Lastly, look at the stitching job on the patent leather. Different sizes and bad stitching.

For our final piece of visual evidence, we take a look at the Jumpman logos on the rear side of the shoe. Notice the improper alignment and size of the logo on the Space Jam(fake). Now notice the logo on the Concord(real). This is how it is supposed to be. Stitching that is not choppy and proper alignment. IMPORTANT: The ball at the top of the Jumpman logo should ALWAYS line up between the bottom of the 2 and the top of the 3 in the back of the shoe. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

Now on to these websites. If the name sounds too generic:,,, etc., FAKE!!!!!!

1)  If the prices are way under retail and they say sale, FAKE!!!! Beware of this and dont let the prices fool you. Most Nikes and Jordans that are hard to find will run you at least $250 and up.

2)  Colorways that you have never seen before, FAKE!!!!! There are no dark green and black Zoom Rookies and all those Louis Vuitton and Spongebob Jordans….no good

3) Read the website’s “About Us” page. If they dont guarantee 100% authenticity, BEWARE!!!! Even the sites that do say 100% Authentic, still be careful. IMPORTANT: Factory Variants, Customs, and Replicas = FAKES!!!!!!!!

There are other things to look out for but the most important thing is DONT BE NAIVE, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! If you’re still not sure, ask me. Post your questions in the comments section, Facebook, or Twitter. I hope this helps you to be better sneaker shoppers.


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356 responses to “REAL vs. FAKE – Guide to spot fakes using Air Jordan 11

  1. Anthony ⋅

    Hi can u please please take a look at the website and please tell me if this site is real and good to buy from… I’m looking for the Jordan 11 bred,black red and white….please tell me if they are fake or 100% real….thanks for ur help

  2. Percy Bullchild ⋅

    Do you know if thesneakpeek is a legit site?

  3. Is this website reliable for some Lebron 9’s

    • This site is 100000% FAKE!!!!!
      Seems like they stole the Footlocker web layout and put their own brands on there. I’m surprised they haven’t been sued yet.
      Shaky prices and bogus colors that I’ve never seen.

  4. Is this site reliable also?

  5. willie.boi ⋅

    what if you still can’t tell if your 11’s fake or not

  6. Matt King ⋅

    A couple of the shoes on this website are definitley fake but i saw a few that i couldnt tell… Can u take a look

  7. Barry

    Can anyone tell me If the website is a legit site or not. Thanks.

  8. Savanna

    Can someone help me with finding out if this site is good to buy jordan 11’s? They seem okay by the pictures they presented.. but im not 100% sure . Thanks

  9. Jerome

    what is the best site for cheap galaxy foams or cheap space jam 11

  10. De'arricka ⋅

    I’m trying to get the Bred’s 11 coming out this friday and I was wondering if is legit or not . +

  11. Delasole ⋅

    Is kick sole bred 11 real or fake please reply

    • A lot of mixed reviews about Kicksole but from my experiences, they’re legit. I actually spoke to the guy who runs it and he is having problems with people complaining about getting tracking numbers after 2 days when the site says 5 – 14 days for processing. Some grimey stuff is happening and there are some delays but its legit. Send them an e-mail to get more info.

  12. Christian

    I dont no if its legit sounds real but I dont no cause they got te right price for the breds but the Concords r way to heap…can u help me out checl it out and let me no plz..
    Thank you christian

  13. buudah ⋅

    does have real shoes

  14. ileisha ingram ⋅

    I ordered some bred 11’s from jordancoolgrey9’ or something like that I am so scared that they’re gonna be fake but can you take a look at the site and tell me what you think

  15. Ralphyyy ⋅

    Can you tell me if is legit?

    • Sole Wings used to be Kicks-Lab. I haven’t had any experience personally with them but from what I’ve seen and heard, they are legit. It’s just difficult to order from them and they do wholesale. Try emailing them for more info.

  16. shanee

    Are the retro 11 breds on the website real? Also are the microfiber on the youth sizes different from the bigger shoe sizes?

  17. Dnyce ⋅

    Hey there is a rumor saying DTLR sold fake bred 11. Do you think this is true? and this is a seperate topic but Did Jordan Brand ever release any retro 11’s with snakeskin?

    • I dont think this is true but I do think that retailers are getting some not so good quality shoes. I blame the fast production and poor Quality Assurance from Nike. There are some retail 11s that should have been thrown out or at least been marked as B-Grades. (Remember, B-Grades are NOT fakes, just badly flawed) For your 2nd question, YES. JB released the snakeskin 11s in a low top version in 2001.

      • Dnyce ⋅

        OK thanks, one more thing I know you said B-Grades are not fake. What I want to know is what type of flaws do B-grades have?

      • B-Grades can have all types of flaws like different shades of colors, discoloring or yellowing of midsoles, I’ve seen the tongue tag on the AJ 4 upside down. B-Grades are usually sold at Nike Factory Outlets and the tags inside of the shoes have the letter “B” marked on them.

  18. Eric ⋅

    is mental kicks legit?

    • There are so many mixed reviews of Mental Kicks. Some people say they sell high grade fakes and others say that they are legit. My experience with Mental Kicks is that they sell authentic early production models which can differ from the final product very slightly. These maybe shoes that didn’t pass the QA(Quality Assurance) stage at Nike and get out in the market. Its hard to say that they are not legit because there are flawed kicks that get sold at major retailers. I say legit but not perfect and thats my opinion.

  19. Eric ⋅

    Okay, i just got my jordan 11s from mental kicks today, and they pass the criteria of many of the videos and sites i have seen online

  20. Matthew

    I know u said this site is fake but I was tryin to get some bred 11s and I looked at the picture and they look pretty authentic to me

    • Anybody can Google a picture of any shoe and use that picture. I’m not telling you what to do because at the end of the day its your money. I’m telling you that pictures on websites mean nothing unless they take them with their own camera. Good Luck.

  21. Eric ⋅

    yeah i youtubed videos afyter getting my shoes from mental kicks, and i had them in hand to inspect them. the carbon fiber is legit, the jumpman is in the right place, the tag is in the third lace spor, and the 23 is spaced. I would say that my 11s from mental kicks are legit

  22. Pattio

    Does the Jumpman ALWAYS line up exactly in the middle of the 23? Everything on my pair looks legit, except the jumpman on the right shoe is not lined up exactly in the middle. Other than that, every other checking point is 100% as it should be….

    • Not all of the time. if you check my review post of the Bred 11s, my retails aren’t perfect. “Everything man-made is not perfect.” As long as its not way under the 3 or way above the 2 and everything else checks out, you’re good.

  23. Patrick Allen ⋅

    I recently bought a pair from a seller…the shoes look legit, except right jumpman logo doesn’t line up perfectly with middle of the 23. Everything else is totally legit. This is a concern of mine, however…but they came in the box, with red plastic covering, shoe trees (or whatever they’re called) and the UCP code’s and dates all look legit…

    • Patrick Allen ⋅

      Sorry…UPC Code..also appreciate you answering everyone’s questions on here with such a hot topic. Thanks!

      • Check my response to your other question, you should be good. No problem!!! Thanks for asking your questions. I just want to keep people informed and make sure that everyone gets the most out of their sneaker purchases.

  24. Eric ⋅

    does anyone know why they put that thumbprint on the bred 11 box?

  25. Maria ⋅

    Hi, I bought a pair of Jordan 11 retros and I checked them out and everything seems to look right but not the bottom of the shoe. My brother’s squares are bigger and spaced out and mine are smaller so I’m thinking they are fake, or they aren’t the current breds and are the original space jams…… I need help

    • Check the texture to see if that is real carbon fiber. Is the pair you bought breds or space jams? Check the tag inside of the shoe. What are the two production dates? Where did you buy them from? Let me know.

  26. Rams ⋅

    I just bought a pair of Jordan 11 Breds for $300 from lordofthesolemon eBay. Are they legit? Would hate to get fake ones.

    • There are 2 negative feedback posts from buyers complaining about fakes so that’s not good. Check your shoes thoroughly with the guide to be sure but I advise you not to buy from this seller again. In the future, check all of the seller’s positive, neutral, and negative feedback.

  27. Christian

    Is this website legit?? Everything I read and.c.says this website is real and the prices look grt….check it out messege back asap plz…if it is gonna buy my shoes asap…..tha.ks christian

  28. Geo51997 ⋅


  29. CK

    Is this site legit? Prices seem legit, shoes match all criteria, but to have so many left in stock after a sold out release seems fishy. Thanks.

    • Yea this site is legit. Their Breds are all Pre-Orders meaning they haven’t gotten their shipment or stock yet and/or, they were selling them as early releases and they sold out now waiting for a second shipment.

  30. Sandra ⋅

    I want to buy a pair of breds but the ones I want are different from others iv’e seen they say jordan on the bottom. Can someone please tell me what that means ?

  31. Jay

    I wanted to buy jordan bred from I found 1 seller -shoe department selling this at $150 and also I noticed a difference on the position of the jumpman on the left shoe. so the jumpman is facing front on both shoe unlike the ones i see on legit the left is facing back and the right is facing front. can you help me with this? thanks

    • I believe the 2007 in the Count Down Pack, the 2001, and OG versions have reversed Jumpmans on the right shoe. It might just be the 2001s and Originals though. However, $150 is way too cheap for these versions($400+) so buyer beware.

      *Correction* Its the left shoe

  32. Cmismith ⋅

    Can you please look at and let me know if they are legit or fake? Thanks.

  33. jay jones

    Can you tell me about

  34. Mental Kicks is legit but early releases are early production models and can slightly differ from retail versions sometimes

  35. Jay ⋅

    What should be the production dates for the 2012 Jordan 11 Breds to be said legit? Thanks.

  36. Jualisa

    Purchased the GS bred 11’s from rmkstore web site they charged $199. Shoes look great just had a couple concerns they didn’t have the card board inside the shoes that hold the shape and one shoe had the Shoelaces strung up to the top and the other didn’t. Also the ball on the jump-man is Stitch vertical instead of horizontal. These could be small things but I just want to make sure the site and my purchase was legit.

    • I’m not too familiar with the GS releases but they may be early productions or b-grades. If they are b-grades they should be marked with a “B” on the tag inside the shoe. I have heard mixed reviews from rmkstore but a lot of people say that they’re legit. Sometimes these overseas sellers get shoes with weird flaws or inconsistencies.

  37. Jay ⋅

    The production dates of the inside tag of my right AJ11 Bred shoe is 7/11/2012 and 9/21/2012. The left one is 7/11/2012 and 9/25/2012. Are these still legit? Thanks.

  38. Brian kim

    Can you please check this website. It seems fake but it’s pretty expensive for fake, I was thinking early production grade. Also, can my identity be stolen from some of these websites? And how can I be secured my self.. Thank you.

    • This sit is fake and the prices are too low. Not too sure how to answer the second question but my advice is to do research and be careful where you share your info. Make sure the site is secure.

  39. hi i just wanted to ask is is a real or fake site to buy a shoe.. plz reply as soon as yuh can.. thank u

  40. I want to know if this is a fake website

  41. Austin

    Can u plz check if this web is fake or not cause i really the space jams.

  42. Hector Najera ⋅

    Can I send u some pics and can u tell me if these are legit?

    • First I’ve seen the exact FAQ page on other fake sites. Second, let me know where and why anyone would sell the Bred 11s for $110 when they retailed for $185 and going for at least $300 on legit sites?

      • Maybe because I used Scamdiviser. Try that out before you go telling everyone their buying fake jordans like you know wtf you’re talking about.

      • So you used a scam finding site, that has been questioned to be a scam itself, to tell me a site does not sell fakes or that they SCAM you out of your money? What research did YOU do on this website by going there and looking around? You never answered my previous question about why a site would sell one of the hottest releases of 2012 for $75 under retail. But I don’t know what I’m talking about because you used the 100% reliable ScamAdviser?? If you wanna buy from them that bad just do it bruh. Your decision, but don’t throw a shaky scam finding site up here and say I don’t know what I’m talking bout. Put this same site on NikeTalk, ISS, SoleCollector or any other sneaker forum and I guarantee you will get the same answer I gave you. Just don’t mention ScamAdviser, I don’t want you to get laughed at.

      • It could be because they want to make a profit off all these shoes that go to waste since nike doesn’t want to put them on the market. The less the price the more you’re gonna sell bro.

      • Ok so your a multi-million dollar corporation and you’re telling you don’t want your hottest selling shoe in your company’s history, on it’s 4th release, to be on the market? Then you gonna let some company sell them for under retail and not get a profit? Are you serious dude? Even the flawed sneakers called B-Grades that are authentic with flaws, make it on the market and in retail stores. The ones they catch in the Quality Assurance process, that are not that bad even end up in Nike Factory Outlets. If Nike had anything to do with these companies they would be Authorized Nike Retailers. But you knew that right? Bottom line, don’t accuse nobody of not knowing what they talking about when you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about which is evident with the statement you just made which doesn’t make logical or business sense.

      • What about the countries that make these shoes in the first place? From what I heard Nike doesn’t see everything that these companies do, that’s why they make their own websites and sell these shoes cheap. It may have flaws but they’re still good, I see what you’re saying though bro I just don’t see what’s wrong with the shoes.

  43. Yes. SoleAwesome sells authentic Nike shoes

  44. elle ⋅

    what about 4kickzweb. they have great ebay seller ratings

    • Seen good reviews but the negative ones are questioning that they sell fakes. Its tough to tell from eBay but I would ask them questions before buying. They have really good positive reviews though.

  45. DJ ⋅

    Hey. Can you tell me if is legit?

  46. MrJ38


    • This colorway has never been released. All of their shoes are the same price. Jordan Brand has not released a women’s retro in a while. Womens colors have been releasing as GS sizes lately.

  47. Austin

    Is this web real or fake.

  48. Feese ⋅

    Is real or fake ?

  49. gmoney ⋅

    is this site legit got some authentic 11 from there 23 clear and spaced and ball lined up plus sticth on tongue 3 eyelid good site check it out

  50. aye ⋅

    purchased a pair of jordan 11 concord’s from ebay from a seller with over 800 feedback without a question i bought the shoe he only showed pics of the good side of the shoe and said it was worn a couple of times. I just want to know if i was sold a b grade this was the 2011 release and the sole didn’t have a dark blue tint like i seen i many pictures the 23 was spaced on the back but on one pair it looked crooked, are my eyes tricking me or are the soles of the shoe suppose to be clear with hints of blue?

  51. netta

    Is this site legit? Thanks

  52. stephen

    Hi I’m I been looking for pair of concords for no more than $300, I came across they had em for
    $269 I emailed the owner of the site asking about my size because the site didn’t have a size chart so I can pick my size, so I got a email back saying yes, 9.5/10 and $260. Is this site legit or fake, please help

    • From a glance this site seems legit but after searching around for a while something doesn’t seem right. 1) The GS (kids) bred 4s cost more than the Mens sizes. 2) They have full size runs in most shoes that have been sold out or they dont have any size selections but you can select how many you want wholesale???? 3) Reading the wholesale section, it seems that they are ran by a site called Notice the word REPLICA. I will do some further researching before I determine if its legit or not but its not looking good so far.

  53. Josh ⋅

    Can you check the website “” plzzz.

  54. Geovanny ⋅

    hey do you know if is legit?

  55. daniel ⋅

    Is 100% Legit?!

  56. Jordan ⋅

    Is legit?

    • No. They have full size runs in all of the AJ 11s, They have a Darius Miles PE AJ 9 for $85…no good. PEs (Player Exclusives) are at least $2000. They also have colorways of the LeBron X never before seen. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  57. shawn ⋅

    What’s a good website to order retro jordans from how can I tell if they are legit

  58. Chris ⋅

    Is a website called real they seem legit just wanting to check before I buy.

  59. Kris ⋅

    Can you please tell me a website to get 100% legit authentic Jordan’s. thank you in advanced.

  60. Adam Gallardo ⋅

    Do you have any info about the DW RETRO 1 shoes. About to cop some re-sale. How would you tell if they are fake.

  61. will ⋅

    does sell fakes or B-Grade shoes. Thanks sorry if you already answered and i missed it.

    • They sell 100% authentics.

      • will ⋅

        sweet what about

      • Kicksole ran into some problems with PayPal during the Bred 11 release and before. I talked to the guy and he said that people were reporting him to PayPal for not shipping out the Breds fast enough and PayPal then froze his account until he could provide proof from Nike that he was an authorized dealer. That was the end of December and I havent heard anything since then. They have been questioned of having “high quality fakes” and/or B-Grades but other trusted people say that they have authentics but it just takes forever to ship. I cant give a 100% answer because I havent received an actual product from them to inspect. I suggest that you do some research and make a decision from that. I hope this helps.

  62. Gene ⋅

    Look at this on eBay:

    Air Jordan XI size 13 NIB!

    Can you help me out here? Fake?

    • Couple of things stand out to me that are suspect. 1. Seller never puts the year of the sneaker. By the look of the box, they cant be the 2011s so are they the 2000s? 2. The “23” on the back is stretched out and this is supposed to be a DS pair. 3. The carbon fiber is the wrong color. ALL CONCORDS HAVE ALL BLACK CARBON FIBER!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 4. The jumpman logo on the back is either too small or that area of the shoe is too big. 5. The patent leather doesnt look right. Not shiny enough and looks a little grainy.

      Check out this youtube vid of an authentic pair of 2000 Concords:

      Hope this helps.

  63. sean ⋅

    I have a friend who told me he could get me a pair of Jordan 11 Concords for 200 dollars is this possible for them to be real at this price

  64. Julio

    Idk my friend showed me this site and I’m ready to Order my 9s so can u check it out

    • I wouldnt order from them. The FAQ and About Us pages says nothing about them selling authentic products, the prices are too low, and they have full size runs in sold out kicks. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  65. dante

    I bought bred 11s and received them. They came from china and i payed $97 for a pair. I checked several reviews including tuis one and. Everything seems to be ok.
    1.the jumpman tab is in the 3rd loop.
    2. The ball lines up between the 2 and 3 which are spaced apart. Like in the picture you have
    3.the jumpman logo matches the bottom.
    4. Real colorway
    5. Smooth leather and even cut.

    I noticed. Few “off” things.
    1. On the art) there are some white specs sticking out. Average of six of these small bubbles on each shoe.
    2. I didnt receive the shoes in a box but in styrofoam and on the plastic it has the sticker with the shoe size and on the bottom of the sticker it says however i bought the shoes off of
    3. There is one small little piece of leather that should have been cut. But you really got to look to see it.
    4. The red jordan on the back of the left shoe seems, to me, a bit extra tilted. Imagine turning it a bit counter-clockwise.
    5 idk if the carbon fiber is real or not. If i press it i have to really apply some force for to press into the shoe a little bit. If i feel it it isnt smooth smoth but it feels a bit rough like i can sort of feel the squares.

    Im stuck in the middle on if they are fake or not. I dont my friends to laugh or violate me because im wearing fakes so i need to find out.

  66. Josh

    Are theses shoes fake or legit? PLEASE tell me before i buy tomorrow.

  67. Josh ⋅

    Is the website real or fake?

  68. Alberto ⋅

    Does the jumpman on the 2001 bred 11s face the front or the back?
    Ive been getting mixed feedback

  69. Lamar ⋅

    what’s the production date for real concords?

  70. Aaron ⋅

    Are the shoe horns on the space jams a metallic color?

  71. Josh ⋅

    Do you know any websites that still have the metallic 5s in stock and aren’t trying to sell them for more than like $210 or $220?

  72. mhike ⋅

    thanks for your info here man. I got my Jordan 11 bred and was relieved it wasnt fake based on your info here. Anyway I was after the KD V christmas edition and lebron X galaxy, would u be able to tell me if the KD V xmas edition here is not fake. tho the seller seems to have very good feedback. thank u

  73. gonzell ⋅

    have u hear of society_sole on instagram if is so are is bred 11’s authentic

  74. Tommy

    Hi, thank you for your guide! I just want to make sure these Breds are legit before I place an offer. Thank you in advance!

  75. Andre Perez ⋅

    Is a legit website or fake? trying to buy the bred 11s

    • I wouldnt buy from them. The 1 thing I see besides the other obvious things is #3 in their “about us” section: “We have strong maufacture plant, which we are able to provide various models, sizes & colors of sneakers according to you request.” Sounds like they make their own sneakers=NO GOOD.

  76. dantevian

    Is this website reliable for jordans or lebrons

  77. LyiaJ ⋅

    Can you please tell me if the following sides are legit for the bred jordan 11s:

    Also, where are the production dates located in the shoes?

    • From my experience, Been Had Those is legit . They also have an eBay store. VMV inc however has been linked to high quality fakes.
      The production dates are located on the tags inside the shoes.

  78. Zeeevil ⋅

    The ball on the Jumpman logo should be near the gap between number 2 and 3 behind the shoe? How bout if it’s near the 2nd and bottom line of 3? Jordan XI BRED, got from Champ Sports.

    • Due to Nike’s lack of quality these days. The retail versions are jacked too. If you got em from a retail store they’re 100% authentic. You can always go to a Nikestore to double check.

  79. SelfMade908 ⋅

    Do you know of any good authentic sites that I can buy a good amount of sneakers at a good price to resale them ? Let me keep ASAP. Thank you!

  80. SelfMade908 ⋅

    Thinking of opening my sneaker store soon. Need to know ASAP! Let me know. Thank you!

  81. I ordered a pair of bred 11’s just to see if they are real or fake the price seems a lil lower but not to much. But soon as they come I will let people know what it is.

  82. BruceM55 ⋅

    Please search goodkicks23 on Instagram n tell me if his sneaks are authentic , he’s selling bred 11’s for $215 and he sent me a Paypal Inovice should I buy them ?

  83. Is this site legit?
    are the shoes 100% real?

    • This is on their “About Us” page: “3. We have strong manufacture plant, which are able to provide various models, sizes & colors of sneakers according to you request.” This usually means that they make their own stuff and it is not authentic. The prices are also a little low.

      • Henry ⋅

        Thank you for your answer. So what you think i should do now. I got scammed and this guy is still selling fake space jams on CL. What you recommend me to do to get my money back. The only reason i got fooled was because kicksonfire show the Space Jams with blue soles

  84. Daniel ⋅

    I need a legit check on these bred 11’s please.

  85. Chris

    Do you know if shoe box city on amazon is legit?

  86. ajram30 ⋅

    Hi, love the website. Just recently purchased some Bred 11s on EBay. Could you let me know if they’re legit please? Thanks!

  87. Is this website legit I wanna order the bred 11’s in GS.

  88. Mana

    Hi there, is this website fake or legit?

    Thanks so much for your help

    • Mana

      Sorry forgot to put the link to the website.

      If you can tell me if this site is legit or not I would be most grateful. Thanks so much :-)

      • I need to look a little further into this site. One thing is that they are a little overpriced for some stuff but the others are near market value prices. I will keep checking and get back to you.

      • Mana

        Also for further info, this site apparently used to go by the name “mjbay2000″ on ebay. But now known as jbkickz on ebay.

        Thanks again for checking. Btw I love your site. Keep up the excellent work :-)

  89. Yajaira ⋅

    How can i tell the difference between real and fake on a pre-school jordan 11 bred sneaker? Size 12C. Here is what i bought. Still waiting on them but now im nervous…

  90. Yajaira ⋅

    Im sorry. I also purchased these

    Please help. All your info is really appreciated and helpful.

  91. Yajaira ⋅

    Oh boy. Can you tell im a lil paranoid?! This is the third time im writing. Sorry. So the first link i sent you above for the size 12C preschool size, i just recieved the sneakers. Everything looks good except the stitching of the number 23 looks wierd to me. Maybe its all in my head but it looks faded on one sneaker and it doesnt look like its lined up right. It came with a receipt. Apparently this person bought them through a UK website called and then sold them on ebay. The box and the sneakers have the same numbers. I dont know if that means anything. I dont know if i have real or fakes. Pls help.

    • Sneakersnstuff is 100% legit. Dont worry. You will almost never get a 100% perfect pair, even when you get em from retail stores. Send me some pics to Honestly I think you’re good and got some legit kicks. Sorry for the dalay. Thanks for reading!!

      • Yajaira ⋅

        Thank you very much for all this info. It really helps. I will take my own pics and send them to you. I also ordered a pair for my son in a size 8 in men. Looks questionable to me. Ill send you pics of those too. Again, thanks for everything!

  92. Yajaira ⋅

    I emailed you. Let me know if you get it.

  93. shomari

    Also try this one plz

  94. David ⋅

    i’m extremely unsure about these… are they legit?

    the seller has 6106 feedback with 99.8% positive, and has been a member since 99. there were two complaints about his kicks being fake though. one from last year and one this year. the complaint last year was not replied to, but the one from this year is.


    i even posted on sole collector, and the one reply i got says they’re authentic.

  95. Nushy ⋅

    Have you ever seen the jumpman on the jordans airforce 11 with the ball in his left hand instead of his right?
    The seller claims to have bought it from footlocker.

  96. Do you think the website sole up.comvis a real website so you think their breds 11 are real ? Hmu asap i really need to know .

  97. Massimo

    Are these legit?! Im a little worried considering i just got ripped off on a pair of them like last week. I left another comment before but i dont see it on here so i decided to make another one

    • Sorry about the dealyed response. I was out of town so I couldnt get to a computer. I dont trust this site because the price is way too low, they have a full size run, and in the “about us” section I saw this: “3. We have strong manufacture plant, which are able to provide various models, sizes & colors of sneakers according to you request.” No good.

  98. ivan ⋅

    I ordered some concords from evrrything looks real except that the bottom has the grey and black checkered bottom . Are they real ?

  99. Henry ⋅

    Recently bought a pair of Space Jams 2009 but having my doubts. Is the sole icey blue or not. How about the tag on the mesh inside the upper tongue are lines blue or white. I also scan the barcode in box and it come out as nike retro 11 but am unsure of the shoes. Thanks!

    • 2009 Space Jams soles SHOULD NOT BE TINTED BLUE!!!!! Nike didnt start using the blue tint until 2010. Stitching on the tongue tag should be blue. If you have a NikeStore or Nike Factory Outlet scan the box and inside the shoes, they can tell you if they’re real or not.

  100. can you tell me if this site is legit or fake
    they got space jams for $116
    they got some really legit prices but i think there fake

  101. Shef A ⋅

    I have a pair of bred 11’s size 9 1/2 and
    I’m trying to trade them for a size 10 which is my original size Dude wants to trade me but it’s hard to trust cats
    These days.. Dude sent me a few pics and they look legit but I need a second opinion could I send you the pics for your opinion!??

  102. Tyell ⋅

    Do you know if this website is reall I was looking at the Jordan’s 11’s red and black.

  103. Shannon

    where is the cheapest place I can buy the breds? And is this legit or no?

  104. Kameren

    So is real cuz these prices are low I hope you reply

  105. Khasim ⋅

    I am looking for some real, cheap breds can you help me find some

  106. Jerel

    Wanted to know if this site is fake

  107. Pilaay ⋅ why are the prices so close to retail, does this mean their fake bro?

  108. DJ216

    Came across this site & wanna kop the military blue 4s, fire red 4s, & olympic 6&7s… If its official???

    • I wouldnt mess with this site. Their About Us section is in Latin and when I used google translate to convert it to english, it made no sense at all. I would do more research and try legit checks with forumslike NikeTalk and SoleCollector and see what they say.

  109. Rck ⋅

    Bought a GS sz5 pair of bred 11s from misterkicks16 on eBay. Everything looks good, except it doesn’t have a real carbon fiber plate. Are they legit? I heard GS sizes don’t have carbon fiber but I’m not certain. Thanks.

  110. Jacob ⋅

    Is RMKstore a reliable site?? I’m thinking about purchasing from it but I want to make sure I’m not wasting money

  111. Kevin

    Hey man I was wondering if you can take a look at some concords I found on eBay. They look very legit to me and I have had great communication with the seller thus far. Please le me know what you think. Thanks

  112. hi please check out this site hopefully you find the page and please tell me if they are real or fake. in the comments people seem happy with their orders but i still need to know for sure.

  113. Mo ⋅

    I bought some 11 Breds off of ebay and they look legit except the fingers look sloopy and the stitching on the tongue does look quite right. is there anyway i can send u pics to look at? I want to make sure they r legit or if i need to get my money back.

  114. Alex ⋅

    Are these real? I’m 90% sure they are, but I still don’t know yet. Everything looks right, but idk carbon fiber? could you check please. But yea everything looks right, jumpman color on the tongue, 3rd from the toe, the back looks good, etc.


  115. Is this website legit or not let me know asap please.

  116. Meme ⋅
    Are the shoes real on the above website?

  117. novadawg

    is soleawesome legit? i bought a pair of GS bred 11s for my girl and my boy thinks they’re fake because it didn’t come in that original box that it 1st came in…but the serial numbers on the box match the one in the shoes…and also he thinks its fake because it didn’t come with shoe trees? but ive thoroughly evaluated them myself and they fit the description (of being real) according to your guidlines.

    • GS breds dont come with the red shoe trees and I think they come in the old Jordan box, I gotta double check. SoleAwesome however is legit. If you still arent sure, take em to a Nike Store and have them do a legit check.

  118. George real or fake? Please respond i want to buy a pair

  119. Maeson

    Can you check this please? Thanks so much! And very nice guide thanks a lot!

    • I would stay away from these. The seller has a full size run and the soles have a blue tint. The Space Jams did not have blue tinted soles. Nike started doing this to the 11s in 2010 with the Cool Greys.

  120. Mike

    Is the site legit …… Also I got a pair of Concords from eBay they pass every test except the pattern of the carbon is sketchy is this know to be a b-grade issue ?

  121. Jay Keyzers ⋅

    Thank you for your help. ..much appreciated!

  122. Mark

    Do you think kixrx from ebay sells legit retro 11?? He has 99.9% feedback and 2000+

  123. Janice rivera ⋅

    Is legit website or not

  124. Albert

    I’m interested in these concords I saw in Craigslist, can you ho me verify if they are 100% authentic

  125. Is the website site real or fake please respond soon as possible.

  126. Ant ⋅

    Can you look at this and lemme know if they’re fake? I bought them from DTLR, but people are telling me they are.

  127. J.T. ⋅

    is the website fake?

  128. M.Love ⋅

    I definitely like what your doing…im an up and coming sneakerhead with a good collection of kicks…I just bought some Bred 11s and received them today..I did your check by check proof of authenticity and im comfortable…I shop at legit sites but I still get noid. Thank you for what you’re doing…you are saving people money and embarrassment of wearing fakes. Thank you again.

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